Introducing Adobe Stock!
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We're excited to bring Adobe Stock search to our Premium Stock subscription. Getty Images has been replaced by Adobe Stock, giving you access to over 60,000,000 high definition illustrations and photographs to be used in your design requests.
Searching includes the ability to filter images by type and also by popularity, most downloaded, and more.
Any submitted requests that requested a Getty image will still be honored, but going forward, any customers with a Premium Stock subscription will get to select from the Adobe Stock Asset library instead of Getty.
Improved FreshStock Search
Our recently released FreshStock asset library is now backed by ElasticSearch, a powerful search technology.
This will allow us to correct for misspellings, search for plural/singular forms of words and synonyms, and so much more. A more powerful search for FreshStock means that you will get more relevant results when searching for the perfect asset.
New Referral Program!
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We are proud to introduce our new referral program! We have partnered with
Viral Loops
to provide you with incentives to refer your friends and colleagues to Design Pickle.
Simply click the "Refer DP" link in the Design Pickle navigation bar, and you will be automatically signed up and ready to refer.
Not only will you receive a $100 credit to your account for every customer you refer, but the referred customer will also automatically receive a coupon for $100 off their next invoice.
Your referral link to give out as well as a mini dashboard to show you the status of your rewards can be found at the bottom of the "My Profile Settings" page.
Happy referring!
FreshStock Asset Library is LIVE!
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Introducing the FreshStock Library
We have just launched our brand new, proprietary FreshStock asset library. This is the most diverse stock illustration library in the world. Today, we have nearly 15,000 unique, custom-created vectors and templates for download and use, and we will be publishing thousands of more assets each month moving forward. All of our FreshStock assets were designed and published by our own Design Pickle staff illustrators, which cover many different topics and categories, and we will strive to continue to fill out our library with many more assets in the coming months and years.
Access to the FreshStock library is only
(act in the first week, and get your
first month FREE
) and gives you virtually unlimited downloads -- so download and use what you need. FreshStock is accessible in the Design Pickle Platform so you can easily navigate between your Design Pickle account and FreshStock without an additional login -- just click "FreshStock" in the nav menu!
FreshStock Nav Link
Search, browse, and filter nearly 15,000 illustrations
Our library is fully searchable and able to be filtered by asset type (vector or template), but it functions best through browsing and discovery, as it is meant to inspire and provide a starting place for creative works, unlike most stock image libraries, which work best as a specific topic or concept search.
Fresh Stock Home Page
We challenge you to re-think what a stock library can be -- let our templates be an inspiration for how to lay out your next brochure, blog, or ad campaign. Our mission is to help make all of your assets more beautiful and well-designed by starting with a unique illustration.
Download multiple formats
Each asset has multiple formats included, and you will be able to choose any or all of the formats when downloading the asset, including the original .ai, .eps, or other illustration file. You or your designers can modify the illustrations in any way that benefits you.
FreshStock Download
Includes collections and an easy way to add an asset to your Design Pickle request!
We are launching in Beta -- the library is fully functional, but we aren't ready to say we're finished yet. So as we continue to build out features and make improvements, we will keep our product in Beta. The two big features that we are launching with are:
  1. The ability to create collections and add assets from our library to those collections for easy sharing with colleagues. Your collections will also be accessible during the "Add Assets" step of making a Design Pickle request.
  2. From every asset page, there will be a button to easily start a request with the illustration if you have a Design Pickle creative subscription.
Fresh Stock Asset Show
Add a Project Manager to your account!
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Do you need help managing your design requests and queue?
Starting today (June 1), you can add a Project Manager to your account for just $495 per month.
This subscription gives you access to a Design Pickle employee who will meet with your creative team and help you determine your team's design needs, submit your requests, manage your queue, and work directly with our design team to ensure accurate completion and delivery of all assets.
View old requests for cancelled plans
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In the past, once a subscription was cancelled, you were unable to see and download files for the cancelled subscription. Now, as long as you have an active subscription, you will be able to see your old files for plans that you've cancelled.
Because of this change, it is no longer necessary to put individual plans on hold, so this will no longer be offered. If you want to keep your Custom Illustration plan and cancel your Graphic Design plan, you can do so while still keeping access to your completed designs!
Use Fresh Stock Assets in a Request
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We just launched our very own proprietary
Fresh Stock Asset Library
, which is now available to all Design Pickle customers during the request process. When you are asked whether you want to add Stock Assets to your request, you can now choose from Unsplash, Pexels, Getty (if you have a Premium Stock subscription) and now
Fresh Stock
At launch we have
more than 10,000 unique illustrations
, all designed by our extremely talented design team. We will be publishing more illustrations weekly, and we plan to have 25,000+ published illustrations by the end of the month.
Because our asset library is intended more for discovery and inspiration, if your search comes up empty, we will recommend some popular categories to browse through to help you build your request.
Billing Period Changes
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  • We have removed the semi-annual (every 6 months) billing period from Graphic Design plans
  • All
    Design Pickle plans now have monthly, quarterly, and annual billing period options with price breaks for longer billing cycles
"Photos" are now "Assets"
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Because our stock assets include photos, icons, illustrations, and possibly more in the future, we are now asking if you want to add
stock assets
to your request rather than
stock images
DPUs are now "subscriptions"
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If you've been used to hearing and seeing the term
(Design Processing Units), we have now changed our terminology to
(or stacked subscriptions). The functionality is the same (the more you have, the more design output you get), just the terminology has changed.