Clickable Dashboard
External Platform
Your feedback made this possible.
The top three cards of the client dashboard are now
. Your urge to click will now be greeted with an amazingly intuitive means of jumping right into your queue. No more clicking around to figure how to handle those reviews, clarifications, and updates.
Refer back to this update if you need to refresh yourself on the meaning of the dashboard numbers. With this update we’re providing you with a quick and easy way to
take action
on the numbers. When you click on the card (hover and select a queue if you have multiple subscription types, e.g. Graphic Design and Custom Illustrations), you’ll be taken to a specific view pertaining to that card. For example, if you click into your queue through the “Ready to review” card, you’ll get a list consisting only of requests requiring review. Similarly, clicking into your queue from the “Needs clarification” card will take you to a list of the requests that need clarification.
The biggest deal of all: we’re alleviating the pain we all feel when we want to click, and just can’t. Click away!