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Introducing Annotations
Have you ever had to type out your feedback to a design in the box provided, finding it difficult to explain exactly where you wanted the change made? And you've been holding your breath for an alternative to opening up Photoshop (or Preview?) just to point out exactly what you wanted done?
Well, do we have a surprise for you! We have created a more visual, in-app experience for providing feedback to your designer. Instead of downloading an image, opening up Photoshop, and marking it up yourself, you can now click "Request Revision" and then "Add comments to delivered files." This allows you to choose which file you want to make comments on.
Simply click and drag to create a rectangle around the area for revision and enter your comment. Your designer will see your comments as a bulleted task list to complete, ensuring all comments are checked off before returning it to you. This gives you a more precise way to give feedback that will hopefully save you time and sanity.
So you can finally exhale (the color should return to your face within minutes to hours). And next time, feel free to just send us a Feature Request! It's much more effective than holding your breath!