[Feature Request] FreshStock and Design Pickle "How did you hear about us?" questionnaire
What is it? A pop up questionnaire that asks a question "asking how they discovered us" with 5 options.
What problem does this feature solve? This feature will help out marketing immensely to tell us what marketing channels are actually driving more conversions so we can put more of the budget to scaling.
Who is it for? Marketing
Why build it? Scale our most profitable marketing channels
What is the priority/impact? large priority and large impact
Product Requirements:
What are the must-haves for this feature? Just a simple, branded popup questionnaire that has the options
What are the minimum requirements for a version one of this feature? N/A
What are some possible future requirements for later versions? Better UI/UX design, updated questions.
Design Requirements:
What should it look like? Square box with top question: "How did you discover FreshStock?"
  1. Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc.)
  2. Online Ad
  3. Blog or Publication
  4. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
  5. Other: __________