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UI/Layout Design Improvements
• The website needs a Dark Mode. • The buttons are too neon, especially the reds, which make it disorienting to look at. • The “Final Box Link” is no longer being used by the FreshStock team. If this feature isn’t being used by the other teams, it would be best to just remove this feature to keep the ticket section tidy (also this section isn’t present in a lot of previous tickets.) • It would be nice and useful for all users to have the option to show and hide certain sections for both desktop and mobile versions since not everyone uses each section and tabs. • No search feature under the Tools > Admin > Tags section. • Tag keywords/clouds could be bubbled/spaced out to see the words better. • Unable to stay signed-in. It would save time for everyone to have this feature. “Remember Me” does not work since it prompts to log in with the Google account instead. • No Hover overs on the Side Bar, just click and expand. A hover feature would be very helpful for the mobile/touch inputs version as well. • Too much spacing on the Side Bar; align the logo and the elements below. (Same goes for other buttons like the “Move to FreshStock” button.) • Hide the “New Request” button for non-clients/Creative Directors (artists, art directors, etc.) • Original/Today’s/Remaining Design Time - Date Time Picker. Would be nice if we can just fill up an actual calendar interface instead of choosing from multiple hour/minute options. • Ticket Description (lower right container) – Simplify or make it collapsible like the other tabs on the right part of the page. • Ticket Title – Container too big, make the tags collapsible as well. • Filter “tags” that can be removed on demand. • Pagination remove “…” or make it work. • Flexibility on the number of entries seen instead of being stuck to just seeing 25 per page. • Hide “New Company” since no access to it. • Customers - Filter by Membership year. • Wiki – add external link logo. • Feedback – add external link logo. • Brands - Containers too big; a simplified view would be nice. • Company Settings - Grayed-out Invite button, should follow teal/green box theme like the other buttons. • Notifications could have a better view, like Youtube (expand style instead of a separate window.) You can find more details like screenshots on this document made by TEAM FREYA. Thank you!